Made by Hawaii Peter Welcome  Organic Personal Chef Cab Spates creates world class exotic fusion cuisine designed to nourish the mind, body and spirit, using the finest freshest locally organic grown produce. Cab Spates grows ice-cream bananas, tapioca, Tahitian spinach, sugar cane and more.YOGA-Retreats-PARTIES etc.. Get back in touch with yourself and Nature Shiatsu Massage also called "finger acupuncture" is a method of massage achieved through pressing specific points in order to stimulate blood flow through the bodies network of energy channels. These meridians correlate to the internal organs (kidneys, liver, pancreas...) and other systems of the body (nervous, skeletal, circulatory, endocrine...). Through finger pressure the body is reintroduced to its harmony;. The natural flow of energy is better able to travel through the body,. This "natural flow" is similar to what is found in natural wind, waves and rainfall. Take the time to get back in touch with yourself and nature on a secluded North Shore Beach or Private estate and receive the soothing touches of SHIATSU. t: 808-389-2227 f: m:twitter cabspates e: Visit