Made by Hawaii Peter Organic Cuisine: Organic Personal Chef Cab Spates creates world class exotic fusion cuisine designed to nourish the mind, body and spirit, using the finest freshest locally organic grown produce. Cab Spates grows ice-cream bananas, tapioca, Tahitian spinach, sugar cane and more. Cab Spates caters not only for vegetarians and vegans,but also for non-vegetarians providing the best possible organic experience.  We also provide a range of gluten free foods and raw food or any other special dietary request. Organic cuisine can be prepared and delivered to your home and venue of your choice. Menus can be customized to suit your specific needs and requirements. Service can be used for weddings,personal dinners for wellness, Private dinner parties, Interactive dinner parties,  Fund raising activities, Organic study course, In-Home cooking classes and more. Spa Parties can be organized which include massage, yoga, organic cuisine, facials, music and more.   Cab Spates can also finds a great venues, photographers, DJ’s, musicians  and massage therapists  for The Ultimate Experience.t Visit